Puffball Adoptions

General Info


It's been a while since they were discovered, and now that our team of experts have tested everything and had everything else that needed to be worked out done, the Puffball, better known as the Kirby, is now available for adoption! Even though they are indeed strange, but somewhat intelligent creatures not discovered until now. They have the capibilities of making a fine house pet, much like a dog, cat, bird, etc, and they don't need a cage. Interestingly, though, their anatomy is complicated that apparently they do not leave excrements aside from the rare occasion of spitting, so considering that and their inteligence, you pretty much are going to get what you paid for with these adoptions. However, it is still currently unknown how they reproduce.

A Warning about wild Kirbies


It is highly recommended that once adopted, you give your Kirby something (a cosmetic item for example) to make it different from wild Kirbies. Since our adoption centers are mainly located in the United States, wild Kirbies can be extremely dangerous if provoked in America, and you really don't want to mistake a wild Kirby for your own. This is why that when you adopt a Kirby, you will be provided with a small device that is linked to a microchip embedded inside a tomato that you can feed to it that can help you find your Kirby in the event of seperation. Read more about wild Kirbies here.

Adoption Information

Tamed and Intelligent!


It was recently discovered that these puffballs are a bit more intelligent than the average house pet, therefore, while a little tricky, any Kirby that you find in our adoption centers, will be tamed to make a peaceful companion aside from having a personality of its own, which has been studied and researched, and is readily available on the database of one of our adoption centers. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our team members when you visit one of our establishments.

A few things to keep in mind


-With the warning page above in mind, unless it is trained enough so that it doesn't get confused easily, do not expose your puffball to gameplay of any Super Smash Bros. or Kirby series game, as it may try to recreate what the video game character of the same name does in-game, which could lead to very harmful effects, such as pummeling by the Kirby, or worst case scenario, he begins wanting to inhale innocent living beings. All Kirbies have been trained to avoid doing this at all.

-Even though our specialists try to minimize it before they are ready for adoption, it is still recommended that you try to reduce your Kirby's eating habits by training it to not eat any food that's in sight. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your food out of their line of sight until then.

General Pricing (May Vary Per Location)


Most Kirbies that you will find in our adoption centers will range from $400-550, depending on their traits and/or personality.


While uncommon in the wild, Kirbies of different colors also exist and are also available, but may not be available in your location, and they range from $500-670, again, also depending on the traits and/or personality they have. The following Kirbies of the following colors other than Pink can be found in most of our adoption centers:

Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green.

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